Parks & Recreation

General Information

The Village values the contribution of parks, open space, and other natural areas to the community's quality of life.  As an expression of those values, the Village has an active Parks and Recreation Commission that guides the maintenance, upgrade, and use of the Village's parks.

Parks and Open Space Plan

The Village has adopted a Parks and Open Space Plan that lays out short and longer term priorities for the Village's park and trail system and individual parks.  The Village Board adopted the 2012-2016 plan in February 2012.  The Commission is now developing a new five year plan for 2018-2023, which is slated for completion in spring 2018.  

Vision Statement

The vision of the Poynette Parks & Recreation Commission is for the Village to have one of the best municipal parks and recreation program in the Madison metropolitan region.

Mission Statement

To realize our vision, the mission of the Poynette Park & Recreation Commission will be to:

  • raise public awareness of our assets and opportunities;
  • support recreation program leaders and volunteers;
  • improve park facilities;
  • expand recreation program offerings;
  • nurture partnerships throughout the Village, and;
  • achieve recognition for these efforts throughout the region.