Parks & Recreation

As noted within the Parks and Open Space Plan 2012-2016, the Village's Mission Statement is "to realize our vision, the mission of the Poynette Parks and Recreation Commission will be to: (1) raise public awareness of our assets and opportunities, (2) support recreation program leaders and volunteers, (3) improve park facilities, (4) expand recreational program offerings, (5) nurture partnerships throughout the Village, and (6) achieve recognition for these efforts throughout the region."

The Village has eight parks located throughout the community.

Columbia Park
Located along a neighborhood walkway between Columbia Drive and Eagle Lane.  This area is located in the northeast corner of the Village.  Playground equipment for smaller children and a small shelter with picnic tables are located here.

Colby Park
The park is located in the northern portion of the Village.  The area is unimproved.  Its linear configuration adjoins a segment of the Village's stormwater drainage area.

Pauquette Park
The park is located adjacent to Village Hall near the downtown business district.  The park is home to baseball/softball diamonds, park equipment, ping pong tables, a large pavilion and small pavilion.  A walking path rings the park and serves as a trailhead for the Rowan Creek Trail.  In the winter months, the park hosts an outdoor ice rink.

Valley View Park
300 Park Street
Located within the west side of the Village.  Playground facilities, walking trail, soccer fields, concession stand, restrooms, and a small shelter are located here.  This is also home to the Splash Pad.

Old Settlers Park
100 Old Settlers Trail
Located on the south side of the Village, near the wastewater treatment plant.  There is some playground equipment as well as a half court basketball court and parking area.

South Park
The park is located in the southern part of the Village between CS and Q.  Access to the park is limited to a narrow access easement running between residential lots.  The property is undeveloped.

Veteran's Memorial Park
Located across main Street from Pauquette Park, it has open play areas, community gardens, and a small shelter.  The Veteran's Memorial is located here.

Jaimeson Park
Located along County Rd CS, just west of the Village.  The park is an open area with a shelter.  Trail access to Rowan Creek is also here.
Park Shelters are available for reservation on a "first come, first serve" basis.  Complete a copy of the form and submit the appropriate fee to Village Hall.

There are other non-village owned recreational Opportunities, which include:
  • Rowan Creek Fisheries Area
  • Poynette School Campus
  • Shepard's Meadow Golf Course
  • MacKenzie Environmental Education Center
The current Park and Open Space Plan 2012-2016 was adopted February 2012.  A link to the plan has been provided below.  The Parks and Recreation Commission is currently in the process of updating this plan.

2012-2016 Park and Open Space Plan