Building Inspection

Building inspections and building permits are contracted out through General Engineering Company. 

Office Hours

The Building Inspector is scheduled to be in the Village Hall offices every Tuesday morning from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. or by appointment.


For a Commercial Building, a Zoning Compliance Permit is required along with the Building Permit.


Purpose of Building Inspection and Permits
Building and zoning regulations ensure quality maintenance and development within the Village.  While most projects will require a building permit, there are some exceptions.  Interior projects such as remodels, electrical/plumbing upgrades, alteration of structural supports, etc. and exterior projects such as decks, fences, sheds, additions, pools, etc.; are examples of construction projects that require a permit be issued by the Village.  Some residential and most non-residential projects require additional approvals such as a site plan review through the Planning Commission before a building permit can be issued.

Building and zoning permits insure that work is being completed safely and properly as well as meet the standards of state building code and the Village's zoning ordinance.  Being issued a permit helps to avoid potential code violations and the resulting hassles that may follow to correct those issues.

If you are unsure whether or not a building permit or zoning permit is necessary, please contact the Building Inspector prior to starting your project.

  1. James Trebian

    Building Inspector
    Phone: (608) 697-7779