Water Leaks

If you are experiencing a higher than normal water bill, there is a possibility that you have a leak. Water meters do not run faster than the water running through them. Higher water bills are not a result of a defective meter; water meters either calculate consumption or they do not.

One easy test that you can do is to check your toilets for water loss. Place food coloring in the back tank of the toilet, allow it to sit for 15 - 30 minutes and if you see that the color has seeped into the bowl portion of the toilet the seals in the toilet are dried out and need to be replaced. Toilets are big culprits when it comes to water loss. Also check faucets, outside spigots, wash machine connections, water softening units and hot water heaters.  

If you have additional questions regarding water leaks please feel free to contact our billing office at (608)635-2122.