Brush Pickup Schedule and Requirements

2022 Schedule

July5 ( Due to Holiday)
September6 (Due to Holiday)
  1. Scott Gorman

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: 608-635-2122, ext. 221

Residents are encouraged to compost as much of their yard waste as they can.  If you do need to use the monthly collection service, you will need to use compostable bags, reusable yard waste bags or any container that can be dumped by our Public Works crew. Compostable bags can be found at most retail stores that carry garbage bags or yard maintenance equipment.  Plastic bags that are not compostable will no longer be accepted.

All yard waste must be set out by 7:00 a.m. of the date scheduled for the start of collection, but no earlier than one week prior to the scheduled collection. Failure to do so will result in your items being left until the next scheduled pick-up date.

Requirements of Materials Accepted or Unaccepted

Items not collected by the Village:

  • Root balls or stumps
  • Brush cleared or cut by contractors
  • Logs larger than 8” in diameter and longer than 10 feet.
  • Any type of lumber, including construction lumber, railroad ties, landscape timbers, fence post, or other processed wood products.
  • Items resulting from construction projects and land clearing are not covered by this service.
  • Bag with materials other than grass clippings, garden debris, leaves, and small sticks or twigs.

Brush pile requirements:

  • Brush piles are to be no larger than 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall by ten feet long. ( 4’x4’x10’). Property owners are allowed two piles that are within the requirements.
  • Large tree limbs should be no larger than 8” in diameter and no longer than 10 feet.
  • Material (sticks) smaller than ½” in diameter need to be placed in a container or bag for collection.
  • Materials 4” to 8” in diameter must be trimmed of small branches and cut into pieces no longer than 10’. Such branches must be stacked neatly at the curb in the same direction running parallel to the street.
  • Brush piles shall not block sidewalks, fire hydrants, or crosswalks. They should not be stacked around utility poles, fire hydrants, electrical or telephone pedestals, and mailboxes.
  • Yard Waste (Brush) must be free of all metals and trash.
  • If materials are set out improperly, they will not be collected. A tag will be placed on the material with the reason why it was not collected. The material will only be collected when it meets policy requirements, at the next scheduled collection.