Solid Waste Utility

General Information

For the purposes of providing specific public services the Village may create a "utility" to manage those services.  The Village has determined to manage the collection and disposal of refuse (garbage, recycling and yard waste) that the creation of a utility is necessary.  This generally means these services are supported only with user fees and not property taxes.  


The Solid Waste Utility provides the following services to residents and customers:

  • Weekly curbside pickup of garbage with a Village provided cart (residential only)
  • Bi-weekly curbside pickup of recycling with a Village provided cart (residential only)
  • Unlimited use of the Village Brush Site to dispose of yard waste located off Academy Street (key check out provided at Village Hall); residents are responsible for transporting refuse to the site.
  • One (1) annual "Spring Clean Up Day" to drop off different refuse items at a centralized location
  • Eight (8) days of curbside brush/leaf pick up during the Spring/Summer/Fall months annually.


Customers of the Solid Waste Utility are charged $168/annually (or $42/quarterly) through their Village of Poynette quarterly utility bills.  

Contracted Service

The Village contracts with Columbia County Solid Waste for residential curbside garbage and recycling services.  

Contact Information:

Columbia County Solid Waste - (608) 742-6651