Streets and Sidewalks

General Information

The Village provides for the construction and maintenance of streets and sidewalks, which enables the unrestricted movement of people and goods to ensure vitality and commerce.  The Village's Public Works Department oversees the management of this infrastructure.

Sidewalk Construction and Repair Permit

No person shall lay, remove, replace or repair any public sidewalk within the Village unless such person has obtained a permit from the Director of Public Works at least seven (7) days before work is proposed to be initiated.

Street Excavations

An excavating permit must be obtained from the Village Clerk before any person shall do any excavating in any public street, alley or upon any other public property for the purpose of installing, repairing or replacing any water or sewer lateral.

Snow and Ice Removal

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Planting, Removal, Trimming and Maintenance of Trees

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Weeds and Other Vegetation

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Lawn, Garden and Tree Discharge

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  1. Scott Gorman

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: 608-635-2122, ext. 221