The urban forest of Poynette provides a multitude of aesthetic, economical, and environmental benefits to citizens, businesses, and visitors alike. Beyond shade and beauty, trees also have practical benefits; provide public services and monetary value. Unlike other public infrastructure components, properly planted and maintained trees increase in value over time.

Urban Forestry Plan and Tree Inventory Analysis

To help ascertain the state of Poynette’s urban forest, Bluestem Forestry Consulting Inc. completed a public tree inventory along street rights-of-way, as well as at seven parks during April of 2019. These parks are: Colby, Columbia, Jamieson, Old Settlers, Paquette, South and Veteran’s Memorial. Bluestem completed Poynette’s first tree inventory in 2011 and this marks the second complete inventory.

This document reports the findings of the 2019 inventory and makes specific, prioritized recommendations for managing the urban forest resource beginning in 2019 and establishes a routine schedule of maintenance activities beginning in 2022 based upon inventory findings, current staffing, budgets, EAB concerns and tree circumstances.

Urban Forestry Plan and Tree Inventory Analysis

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